Photo Credit: Benjamin Leong

CENDANA COLLEGE — Saying that this happened in the exact same way without fail every year, jaded Cendana senior Carter Ling said that he was fully anticipating the birthday surprise his friends and suitemates were organising for him at the stroke of midnight. “They’re probably congregating in the suite next door right now, coming up with some ludicrous story to lure me out of my room so they can smuggle in the cake,” said the cynical fourth-year student, adding that he had been to enough of these surprise birthday gatherings himself to recognise the obvious pattern. “I may still have been caught off guard when we were sophomores, but after the third year in a row, it’s getting quite predictable,” sighed Ling. “Honestly, this routine has been done to death. Do they think I don’t know it’s my own birthday? Who exactly are they trying to fool?” At press time, a world-weary Ling was seen in front of his mirror, making sure that his surprised expression would be authentic enough when he reacted to the inevitable reveal.