SAGA DINING HALL — Last Friday, the Yale-NUS dining halls debuted their revamped buttery-inspired menu to overwhelming acclaim from students.

Since the announcement, all three dining halls have been offering their own take on a wide selection of Indomee flavours, Supreme MSG sauces, and Mongolian fried eggs, with the option of Koka Noodles for vegetarians.

“After months of data collection and analysis, we have concluded that what students really want isn’t a wide variety of healthy, freshly-made dishes, but simple, hearty servings of convenience food,” explained the Dining Committee’s Head of Statistical Analysis Wong Chai Chi. “This revamped menu will also help us cut down on costs by serving food at buttery prices, so it’s a win-win situation,” he added.

Critics are calling this “the most radical change” to the three dining halls since the introduction of the Cendana sink, and the revamped menu has been warmly received by the student body. “I never knew I craved greasy midnight snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until today,” commented Elm junior Kurt Chong (‘18). Cendana freshman Erin Zeng (‘20) echoed this sentiment, telling reporters that she especially enjoyed the authentic experience of having to wait up to 75 minutes for a cup of lukewarm Milo.

Despite the sudden competition, buttery staff members have expressed confidence that this new revamp will not affect their business. Selena Chow (‘19), manager of Cendana Buttery The Nest, commented, “I think we still have a leg up on the dining halls. I mean, you can get free food anywhere on campus, but part of the joy of the buttery experience is actually paying for your own food.”

At press time, dining hall workers were seen installing burger-scented air-fresheners in the Elm catering area to further improve the dining experience.