As we draw closer to the results, the Student Government election season always brings with it no end of speculation. This year, however, the stakes are even higher: not two, not three, but one candidate will be running for the coveted presidential position. But although Janet Chang (’19) has the makings of a strong leader, many still question whether she has what it takes to secure the presidency. Amid this sea of uncertainty, I’m here to set the record straight once and for all. To all you naysayers: Chang will secure the win. And I can prove it to you.

For starters, we cannot deny that the candidate in question scored a decisive win at the solo presidential debates. Chang stuck to the topics at hand without a trace of name-calling or ad hominem attacks, making for one of the cleanest debates this school has ever seen.  Chang’s platform also balanced open dialogue with a no-nonsense approach to making improvements in the college community, so naturally, all the most memorable quotations from the day seem to be attributed to her. With show-stealing lines about community service and the need for stricter shoe policies in the MPH, it’s no surprise that I can’t remember what any of the other presidential hopefuls were talking about.

But don’t rely on me, just take a look at the numbers. All the most sophisticated statistical models give Chang extremely high odds of success. At a conservative estimate, the candidate has an over 99.7% chance of winning, and two of the “lose” scenarios involve the college being overpowered by anarcho-communists and setting up a government in exile led by — that’s right — Chang. Although we couldn’t seem to find any hard data on her competitors, these kinds of figures just can’t be matched.

It’s easy to find faults with public figures, and to this Janet Chang is no exception. But I invite you to consider Chang’s strengths: a dogged determination, a budget literally infinitely higher than any of her competitors’, and the most well-publicized campaign in the race. It may be too early to say for certain, but I believe this dark horse has a solid shot at first place.