ELM COLLEGE— At the Elm College RCX trip to Surabaya, students and staff were all taken by surprise when one freshman, Gong Chandang (’21), was discovered to be a communist spy by Indonesian authorities.

Wearing a red graphic tee bearing the likenesses of famous communist figures, Gong was accosted by Indonesian airport security as he was about to exit customs. His friends and RCA group-mates were especially stunned, as they watched officers drag him away amidst agitated screaming in what appeared to be Russian.

Gong’s suitemate Ivan Ivanovich (’21) said, “He was a nice guy all around, apart from the occasional rant about the ‘bourgeoisie’, or whatever.” Another of Gong’s suitemates, Lucas Chen (‘21) echoed the sentiments and noted that all of Gong’s bed sheets, pillow covers, and blankets were bright red.

“I don’t know how he sneaked the sickle and hammer onto the plane,” said another friend of his, who preferred to remain anonymous, “I knew something was up when I saw him lovingly stroke a little red book for half the flight to Surabaya.”

At the time of the interview, Gong’s room was being cleared out by “[Gong’s] associates”, according to Ivanovich. Two large, well-built Russian men in suits and sunglasses were seen hauling items in black trash bags out of the suite. 

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