SAGA COLLEGE — Even after getting 3 different freshmen lost, Ethan Chan (’20) repeatedly maintains that he is well acquainted with all the school facilities. Despite being a student at Yale-NUS for a year, Chan appears to only vaguely know where the dining halls are and is often spotted tailing different groups of classmates to every class.

“I don’t even understand how people can get lost here,” boasts Chan. “The classrooms are all arranged in chronological order and are in easily accessible areas. Plus, I have a terrific sense of direction and I know where everything is.” When asked where classroom 4 was, Chan refused to make eye contact and mumbled something that sounded like “between 3 and 5”.

John Koh (’21), one of the freshmen who was misled by Chan, claims he was 25 minutes late to class because Chan told him his Quantitative Reasoning class was “on the 3rd floor, kind of on the left side”. “The stairs he pointed me to didn’t even go to the 3rd floor,” he complains. Koh adds, “I had to come back down and take the lift up. And even then he was wrong – there was only a utility closet”.

When the Mocktant reached out to Chan for comments, Chan declined, instead of excusing himself to go the bathroom in Cendana because he “[didn’t] know where the nearest Saga one [was]”.