SHINER’S DINER— Five weeks into his first semester as President of Yale-NUS College, Dr. Tan Tai Yong has been quoted saying he is “in dire need of a nap”.

In the past month, Dr. Tan has often been spotted frantically rushing between Welcome Teas, spontaneous jam sessions, and late night pool tournaments in the Shiok Shack. In addition to this myriad of activities, he has maintained a high-visibility throughout the college. Surveys indicate that he is widely recognised amongst the freshman batch, albeit as “the polite Brewhouse barista who looks a little older than the others”.

Several upperclassmen have also taken note of the active role he has adopted in the Yale-NUS community. Genevieve Simmons (’19), captain of the Touch Rugby team, says he was a vital part of the Inter-Faculty Games this year. “He scored the winning point against Cinnamon [College] in the semi-finals, you know,” she adds.

Additionally, despite his vast extracurricular and social commitments, sources in the Dean of Students office report that Dr. Tan has been staying on top of his “assigned readings”. In fact, members of the student body have often seen him pouring over papers in the Starbucks till the wee hours of the night.

When approached for comment on why he has taken on so many commitments, a drowsy Dr. Tan Tai Yong allegedly responded “I want to try everything college life has to offer, and when better than now?”. However, Dr. Tan conceded that “[he] might also be experiencing a bit of FOMO”. 

Photo credit: Zhong Xuan