YALE-NUS LIBRARY – A frantic effort to evacuate stashes of ice-cream stored in the school library was mobilized this morning when reports confirmed the library’s temperatures had risen significantly. Earlier this month, a petition to raise the library’s sub-zero air-con temperatures was signed by over a hundred students across campus. As of 4:30 this morning, the library’s temperatures had risen to a comfortable 16 degrees Celsius. The unannounced change forced many students who were using the library as a makeshift freezer to retrieve their ice creams, frozen pizzas, and raw food as soon as the library opened this morning.

“My suite fridge doesn’t have a supporting freezer element,” said Elm junior, George Takedo (‘19), “so I just used one of the corners in the library to store my Ben and Jerry’s.” When questioned about whether he was upset with the temperature changes, Takedo commented: “I’m pretty sad I can’t have Chunky Monkey on demand anymore, but I guess it’s for the best, since some of my friends actually study in the library. It’s troublesome to thaw your bottle for thirty minutes outside when you just want a quick sip of water.”

The temperature changes brought with it a host of fashion changes too, as most of the student body is shedding their fur coats and down jackets for more favorable and lightweight cardigans as their choice of study apparel. Ugg boots, which have long been the staple for library footwear, have been succeeded by topsiders and sneakers.

The school’s Administration, however, had more pressing concerns. Icicles that once hung from the ceiling started to melt, leaving the library’s carpet and tables drenched with water when it reopened this morning. Low-lying regions were hit worst, with furniture standing in small puddles of melted water and ice cream. The second floor was affected as well; students reported that the sudden increase in temperature caused water to condense on the books and shelves, leaving them soaked.

In the midst of clean-up efforts, students are also looking for new places to store their ice cream. When prompted about possible alternatives, Takedo stated that “[he] was considering alternatives such as the faculty office hallways or the Performance Hall”.