Photo Credit: Kah Mun Chan

Following a haiku which was posted on Facebook celebrating the Frisbee Team’s historic victory at the Inter Faculty Games (IFG), a massive victory parade was planned to commemorate the decisive win. The parade, organized by the student body, is forecasted to host about 200 partygoers, all who vehemently believe that the frisbee team are IFG champions.

When asked about the origins of the parade, Bethany Chan (18’), one of the main organizers, said she was “moved to tears by the haiku posted by one of the frisbee players”, adding that “only a first-place finish could inspire such beautiful poetry.” When asked if she watched the game, Chan commented that she “has never gone to watch a game,” but she nonetheless believes the team must have been crowned champions if they posted their victory on Facebook. Monica Smith (’18), another of the organizers, confessed that she “didn’t even know YNC had a Frisbee team”, but steadfastly insisted she possessed school spirit.

However, Matthew Stewart (’20) insisted that the allegations of the frisbee team’s win were unfounded. “As the sole spectator for that match, I am absolutely positive that they only won a single game not the entire tournament. I was there for the subsequent match and they were thrashed 10-0.” The entire student body has since condemned him for blasphemy, insisting that the team had brought home the trophy. “No one would post such elaborate poetry or alert the entire school via push notifications if they just won one match,” said Chan. “Even the girls’ basketball team didn’t write poetry when they won their IFGs.”

When the Mocktant reached out to members of the frisbee team for comment, team captain Gabriel Lim (‘19) said: “We definitely scored some points. We, in fact, scored many points in one particular match, and we certainly won at least one of the matches we played. We also scored points in other matches.”