UNIVERSITY TOWN GREEN – A powerful explosion in University Town Green sent NUS students fleeing in panic, as a large fireball of blue and orange spontaneously appeared in the middle of the grass field at exactly 12 noon on the 1st of October. But before NUS security could apprehend any of the suspects involved, a group of young adults, dressed in bizarre clothing,  were reportedly seen leaving the U-Town Green for Yale-NUS College.

The newcomers quickly became minor celebrities, as the current Yale-NUS student population discovered that the group was time-traveling Yale-NUS students from the Class of 2067. They were actually visiting for their week 7 project, Identity and the Past. When asked about the week 7 offerings in 2067, some of the visiting students looked visibly frustrated. “Some of them got to go to Epsilon-6 in the Andromeda Galaxy! I’d even settle for Mars!”, complained Michael Jefaux (’67). “Instead, we’re stuck in Singapore, and in school.”

As part of their Week 7 project, the future-students were expected to compare student life in 2067 and in 2017. Not surprisingly, students from both time periods found numerous differences between their eras. “Why do you guys still have a student government?” commented Peter Brown (’67), “In the future, summer storage exists entirely in the cloud.” He also marveled over the discovery that “NUS still exists”.

Current students also noted some similarities that haven’t changed. “When we visited their time traveling pods,” Bill McFly (’21) said, “we found numerous passive-aggressive posters plastered all over the interior.” Brown confirmed this, saying that the most obnoxious posters were printed on the maximum size of A10 paper.

The future-students left Yale-NUS in another large fireball in the middle of Cendana Green exactly at 12 noon, on October 5th. McFly, however, obtained special permission from administration to take a gap however-long-it’s-going-to-take to follow the students to the future. Sources have confirmed that he will be taking part in the 2067 Week 7 Symposium.