KC ROOM — At their recent general meeting on Wednesday, the Yale-NUS Fashion Society unveiled their latest project to the student body, titled “5 Unique Takes on Halcyon to Up your Halloween Costume Game”.

Miranda Preistly (19’), president of the Fashion society, says the collection was inspired by “a growing sense of bureaucracy and codified red tape associated with the lovable bird”, and the need to express these sentiments in a fashionable manner. Priestly asserted that Halcyon not only embodies these sentiments, but also retains the flexibility of a Halloween outfit, as Halcyon naturally lends itself to diverse and vivid costume interpretations such as “Full-Colour”, “Black&White”, “Keyline”, and “In conjunction with the Yale-NUS logo, with appropriate spacing”.

The Fashion society has already received dozens of orders for costumes from the collection. In particular, their “Sexy Halcyon” costume sold out within 2 days of being unveiled. Jacqueline Tan (21’) was one of the few fortunate enough to order it before it was gone. Tan said she knew she wanted to buy it as soon as she saw it, because “it made such a strong statement”. She declined to elaborate on what said statement was, but one can already infer the obvious when the lines between a sexualised bird and capitalist bureaucracy are blurred.

The student body’s response to the collection has been mixed thus far. Students say the costumes will bring some much needed school spirit to the various on-campus Halloween parties scheduled for next week, as well as feature some refreshing takes on the geometric disaster the original polygon bird suffers from.

However, some students have argued that the costumes are a distasteful interpretation of Yale-NUS culture. Others have also said it appropriates Kingfisher culture, emphasizing the larger notion that “bird culture is not a costume”. A few have also considered the polygon mascot to be a “problematic socio-political figure”, and should therefore not be a halloween costume.

The administration’s response has been far more ambivalent. While several members of the administration believe the costumes would allow students to engage with the mascot more personally, some members retain that school mascots might be pushing limits. Notably, Public Affairs have yet to respond to the costumes. However, sources have told The Mocktant that they are currently preparing a “52-slide presentation on costume guidelines”.

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