The Mocktant is Yale-NUS College’s largest and leading satirical news publication. Conceptualized by founders Levin Molden and Batthew Kow, The Mocktant is critically-acclaimed campus wide for its omniscient coverage of events that happen on and off campus. As the single most influential and powerful satirical news organisation in Yale-NUS College, The Mocktant has become an authority on satirical journalism standards, creating a level of excellence never before surpassed in the long history of this college. 

The Mocktant has extensive employment power, creating extra curricular activities for more than 10 students across 3 residential colleges, boasts a daily viewership of over 20 readers, and receives a significant number of emojied responses on Facebook posts. As a pansophical entity that the student body venerates, The Mocktant also has significant influence over the buttery prices, socio-political commentary on Facebook, and to a certain extent, the weather over campus on any given day.